My first show in New York - Loot - MAD about Jewelry

Honestly, I'm embarrassed at how long it has taken me to write a blog post, it is a routine I intended to start and yet...didn't quite. So, although will not be a long and in depth post, I wanted to share some photos from my trip to New York earlier this year.

In April, I was invited to exhibit at Loot. It was my first show in America, and I was nervous, but the team at the the Museum of Art and Design couldn't have been more welcoming, plus I am so lucky in that jewellers are a lovely bunch. I met some great people during that week, saw some astoundingly beautiful, unique and imaginative work, my own work was thankfully well received, and generally I had a wonderful time exploring the Big Apple! 

I'll try not to leave it so long until my next update, but for now - back to the workshop, I have Art in Action to prepare for...