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A New Blog and a Roadtrip - April 2104

Posted by Melanie Hamlet
A New Blog and a Roadtrip - April 2104

So for my first post on the new blog, I thought I'd share some of my photos from a trip I made a couple of weeks ago. It's great to get out of the workshop and away from the bench as much as possible to visit the shops and galleries that sell my work and this time I took a couple of days in the north of England.


The first shop I called in on for a cuppa was the gorgeous Jewellery By, in Stokesley. It's a pretty yet stylish shop in a quaint cobbled town (I had to wait for ducks to cross the road when I was trying to find a parking space!) and all of the jewellery is so thoughtfully displayed from a host of makers each with their own style. There is a great range of jewellery here, all high quality, contemporary and beautiful - it's great to be part of!

I then travelled north again to a warm welcome at the Fenwick Gallery in Warkworth. Beneath the gaze of the spectacular castle, the gallery is full of covetable items wherever you turn! Not only gorgeous jewellery but ceramics, paintings, sculpture and gifts, I really could have spent a fortune in there. I particularly fell in love with a painting by Nicole Fenwick of a highland cattle - some of which I would meet in the flesh the next day! Unfortunately I hadn't left much time to linger at any of the stops, there was just time for a quick walk along the river.


Catching sight of the iconic wings of the imposing and awe-inspiring Angel of the North demanded a quick stop, the view of it and from it were astounding as you can see. 

My trip then took me to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. There is thought-provoking and inspiring sculpture at every turn throughout the twists and turns of the park, some pieces integrate into the landscape looking like they have always been there, and some stand proud, bright and incongruous. I took an all too brief walk through woods where the highland cattle were grazing and there was the sound of a woodpecker, and then ambled across the park. I would certainly go back for a longer walk, to explore the gallery, and for another of their delicious full english breakfasts!



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